Witchcraft 101: A Message to the New Witch (and those confused)

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Witchcraft 101: A Message to the New Witch (and those confused)

Mama Ravyn
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The term "witchcraft" is made up of 2 words, the word witch and the word craft.

To understand what the term implies, you have to understand the definitions of both, why they together formulate the terminology and how this is actively applied.

The bottom line is that no one truly knows where the word "witch" actually comes from. There is only speculation. Not only is there the speculation, but much of that has been developed and accepted as fact when it is only hear-say and internet lore.

I could take you down the rabbit hole of etymology, but for the sake of your eyes and my time typing,  let's just work with what we have come to accept as the word "witch".

Right now, as I sit here and type to you, the word "witch" is understood only by those who perceive it's meaning for themselves. Some see it as a *bad* thing, some see it as a healing thing, others as a person who is skilled in moving energy around to some or many degrees.

So, the accepted understanding of the word "witch" by those who identify as one, may be considered that we are skilled or learning the skills of connection and energy manipulation.  When you add the word "craft" to it, it means that the witch, or skilled energy mover is doing more than just waving a hand around in the air. The word "craft" implies hands-on creation; art, if you will.

Everyone has their own definitions, but to be a "witch", at least at some etymological level, would by definition mean:
 "a person naturally connected to the subtle fields of energy within and around us, can identify them, and move them to their liking by combination of their skills and abilities with the personal tools they find necessary, to artfully manifest a desired change in the physical world."
I guess some of that definition could apply to energy-movers, but not in the ways most think.

The craft is in the witch. The witch is e v e r y w h e r e.

To produce a witch-craft, one must first, not just identify as a witch, but actually be one.

 I know I'm going to take a lot of heat for this, but just because someone wants to identify as a witch, doesn't actually make them one. "Anyone can be a witch" or "there's a little bit of witch in everyone", although I understand the sentiment, is simply not completely true.
Witchcraft *shouldn't* be considered a trend, and unfortunately, is. This can and does do a lot of damage to those of us who actually are witches and have invested years of energy in breaking the stigma attached to the word. A lot of people believe what they read without cross-checking the info, what they see from Hollywood, which is mostly hype, and from trendy witches who like the aesthetic.  

Anyone can *identify* as a witch, to feel empowered or look edgy and mysterious to their friends, but being one, and wanting to be one, are two different things. You *can* learn how to employ the techniques of witch-craft into your life, you can learn how to feel subtle vibrations (if you're sensitive enough to it), and you can learn how to clear a path for better circumstances with brain-training, dark psychology and meditation. That makes you an energy-mover; but it doesn't necessarily make you a witch.    
Witches get a bad rap. We get it from the general media who use us as to get ratings and views from the fearful, the church who like to use us for the same reasons, and those who perpetrate witchcraft as completely "evil", which it is not.

Being a witch isn't something you *want* to do. It's not like trying on a new trend or outfit. It doesn't come because you watched Practical Magic fifteen times, or know every quote from The Craft movie. It doesn't come because you want it to. A witch has no choice other than to be one.; we only have the choice on whether or not to incorporate the craft part of it.

Witchcraft isn't a "latent" ability. So many people use the term "latent ability" as an excuse for why they weren't "practicing" at an earlier age, or unfortunately, as a way for other non-witches to convince you to buy something.
That's another term that's misunderstood: "practicing". If you're having to "practice" being a witch, or trying to memorize some rules out of a book, that's a pretty sure sign again, that you're not a born witch. Born witches just kind of follow their own inner knowing and the majik doesn't come from any book.  

As a witch, learning a new path or dedicating to a new tradition is like reading a recipe; you already know how to bake, you already know what the ingredients are, but someone else provides you with a few additional ingredients, or to get the results they got, how long to chill the dough, or to lower the heat.

Sometimes it comes out delicious. Sometimes, it doesn't.

There are plenty of people out there who are born witches and refuse to employ their craft because for some reason or another, are afraid of it.  Their choice; however, the choice not to craft doesn't take away their ability to move shit across the room when they're angry, or to have visions of events, or to stop the "voices" when they start.
The irony is that for a born witch, it takes a hell of a lot of willpower and a lot of warding and ironically enough, *crafting*, to limit the experiences they find undesirable.  

Some witches who choose a religion say they are "blessed by god" to have these abilities and their peers accept it as such; of course, that acceptance would depend on the religion chosen by the witch.

Witches know they're different usually between seven and eleven years of age. Basically, when the hormones start really becoming active and the sense of knowing you can move things without touching them and become fully aware of ghosts, that other people call "imaginary friends".
There are a lot of signs one is a born witch. It's genetic.
Yes, you can pull up the abilities in your DNA from an ancestor in your bloodline,  but not always as strongly as they did. I'm half Chinese, and I still struggle with chopsticks. Know what I mean?

People get angry at us when we say being a witch is genetic. People just don't like to be told they can't do something when they want to. They also don't like it when I say there is a "right and a wrong" way to do it. The *right* way includes actually taking the time to understand the environment and your connection within it.  The *wrong* way is by pretending or looking for an easy button. There is no easy button in witchcraft.
No one is telling you that you can't employ witch-craft into your life. No one is telling you that you can't understand.
What I'm saying is that "practicing" witch-craft is for energy-movers, and there is nothing wrong with that. A witch doesn't make time for the craft; everything they do is the craft;  a connection that is felt in every aspect of their being.

Another thing that rubs a lot of us the wrong way is this new concept that all you need is intention to "perform" magic and  
I'm afraid that the whole "law of attraction" concept might just fuel disappointment and suicide, in my opinion. Some thing you just don't draw to you. Some people are just assholes and that's not your fault. Empaths and witches in general tend to be healers. We tend to see the core of a person, even if that person is an asshole, we have to learn that what they show us isn't always what is on the inside, and what's on the inside isn't always for us. If you didn't get that raise, or you're not able to ward off a disease, it's not because you attracted it ti yourself. Ok?
No. Intention is not all you need.

I can intend to fly if I jump off the roof, but most likely all I'm going to get in a broken leg.
I'm afraid that the "intention" some of these insta-witches are perpetrating is going to get energy-movers and newbie witches into a lot of trouble. Yes, you have to have intention, of course! You have to "intend" to do any activity before you actually do the thing, but it's like telling someone that if they really, really make a wish hard enough it will come true.    
For a born witch, who has actively been in a loving and deeply connected relationship with their environment, a "wish" or a strong enough emotion can be enough. For an energy-mover, no.

This is not an elitist remark. It's not ego. It just is my observances and experiences and how I feel.

I can't turn you into a witch. I can teach you how to be a better energy-mover and train you on how to pull up facets of your bloodline to connect to your ancestors, but I can't rearrange your DNA and I can't re-wire your brain. No one can.
Well, not yet at least. Science maybe can tweak that. Dr. Moreau, maybe. But not me, not you, and certainly not any -watched a t.v. series and now a witch today- person.

Am I here to sell you stuff? Yes. I have items and baubles for sale. Will they work for you? I dunno. I hope so.
However, my main goal is to be a resource. I want to share bits of my majik with folks who find it helpful and to give accurate and transparent information to the best of my knowledge and heart.
I, and others like me, are seeing a very dangerous curve in the way the craft is handled, explored, and in many effects, watered down. It's not a bumper sticker, or a lapel pin. It's a life.
I'm not here to piss in anyone's fruit loops. I'm not here to fuck up anybody's sales. I'm here to make potent the majik, clear the path of debris, and assist both energy-mover and witch.

If you like a trinket, great; buy it and help me feed a cat. If you have a question, ask. If you want to debate, take it up with your mirror.