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Mama Ravyn
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Welcome to Coven Ravynmoon!

In this forum, you will have the opportunity to explore the Veshigi tradition of witchcraft.

About this forum and how to use it
The Veshigi path is a lifestyle; a tradition only in the respect that it is a lifestyle kept by the few that are left, that keep it. It is not in any way a traditional dogma as it is eclectic in the heart of the witch that employs it. It is a non-religious, ecologically spiritual, non-linear, forestcraeft, hedgewitchery and hexerei. It is Appalachian based with a focus on native plants. It is my own brand of conjure.

Some things you find here will be familiar. Many things you find here will seem different, a little bent, or just altogether odd. If you've read any part of this website to a decent extent (which I assume you have), you will no doubt understand that my majik isn't usual.

My majik is not censored. It isn't clean hands. It's raw. I can't teach my craft if I'm spending time worried about whether or not folks find my material emotionally sensitive.  If you find yourself offended by my content, ask yourself "why". There is understanding and learning in the emotion. Meditate. Ask questions.

I often say I write "inside out, upside down, and frequently backwards". I try to maintain some semblance of organization; however, I won't forgo a particular thought or explanation by focusing on grammatical perfection and/or standard "flow".
I try, but if your eyesight and brain can't comprehend an extra comma or a few run-on sentences, me thinks your issues aren't entirely in my writing skills.  

There are sections and articles within this forum which I have made available to be viewable by the curious or passerby. The reason for this is that I feel some articles are not exclusive and/or those articles contain information that anyone should be able to access freely. Those are mainly the herbal miscellany and a few other commentaries.  
The majority of the Veshigi majiks, the hekati work, entries from my books, diagrams, recipes, crafting, spellwork, rituals, monthly databases, majikal catalogues, lesson content and other older personal compilations and articles from my personal Book of Shadows are exclusive content and are reserved for coven members and class participants only.

Some may take offense to the way I express certain commentaries. I won't apologize for that. I am what I am. I say what I feel. I don't find it helpful to be compliant to a societal system that is constantly offended.
There is much in life that causes emotion. Some of that emotion isn't comfortable.
If I find issue with traditional things, I express those issues. If I find something not safe for folks to use, I will tell you.

When we don't bend and hang tight to things that are not safe or healthy or productive or progressive, tradition becomes religion. The Veshigi tradition grows, mutates and adapts. It is a path for some, supplement for others and tradition for those who find the lifestyle complimentary to their existing work.
There is no deity here. There is art and consideration and compassion here.
In this forum I do discuss blood and bones and taxidermy. There is discussion of adult relationships, visions and weird shit, and I am comfortable in saying it is only for mature readers.
To protect my ass legally, I have to ask that registrants be age 18 or over. It's not that I don't believe some younger folks can't handle the topics presented here, it's because it's legally and responsibly appropriate to do make that restriction.
If you are a younger folk and have questions, by all means don't hesitate to drop me an email at arijahankhkhalid@gmail.com, and I will help you find age-appropriate material and/or a few support groups to assist you on your journey.  

Although I like to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, the topics within are in regard to serious topics and the majikal lifestlye of those of the Veshigi tradition. I welcome uninitiated guests, of course, if you agree to behave. In that regard, I have to unfortunately state a few rules. I  only have a few:
1. 18: The topics in this forum are intended for mature readers only. That means that you must be over the age of 18 to read and participate.

2. Respect: Kindly respect other members. If you don't agree with something someone said, that's your opinion. This forum is not open to general debate. Discussion, yes. Arguing, absolutely not.

3. Posting: No spam, no politics, no harassment. Likewise, think before you post. I don't partake in censorship at large, but I do try to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, and this is my front room. This is my house, and I make the rules for how I expect my guests to behave within it.  Have a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable, but don't be an asshole.

4. No theft: Do not take any information from this forum or from any part of Ravynmoon.com for your own commercial endeavors. There is way too much of that going on now days. If you are inspired by something, that's one thing, but blatant theft is obvious and will be dealt with in a court of law. I'm not joking.

5. Privacy: Who you see here and what you read here is private. If any of that information is found outside of this website, it is immediate grounds for dismissal.

If all of this sounds pleasant enough, then by all means, welcome.