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Symbind & Glotseal

Mama Ravyn
 The Domicura Wisgethn Symbind

The symbind in a symbol binding, works exactly like a standard bind rune, by combining various symbols into one majikally charged talisman. Although many orders regard their talismans as a key, we view ours as a portal, or battery, which remains constantly charged.

It reminds the wearer of their own inner strengths, qualities, and potentials, and in doing so, becomes fully activated.

Our symbind is based on the Japanese kanji, fashioned as a  glotseal.

A glotseal is a majikal talisman or work, created by first creating a written sentence, or various words of intention, and then removing any repeating patterns or letters, rendering the talisman unique.

The one shown above, is comprised of the kanji for  wisdom, courage, strength, & honor. Balance is implied within the cross sections, and eternity in the containing circle itself.

In our English dialect, we would reduce the 4 words to 1 "word", by removing the reoccurring letters, so that it becomes WISDOMCURAGETHN, then the letters are scrambled, usually into something that can be vocalized; although the vocalization isn't necessary, as long as the intention is complete. DOMICURAWISGETHN, is the vocalization in this case here.

For a vocalized talisman, cymatics are employed, as the essence of sound is bestowed into the vibration of the charm, empowering it further, and a mantra or chant to be used if you so desired it.

Many people create a talisman in this fashion,  and then burn it, and attempt to forget about it, as not to dissuade the outcome.
We feel that if you run the possibility of ruining the outcome of your majik, it's probably best to work on the reasons why you feel as though you may derail your own projects before attempting to create a talisman.

With the symbind above, instead of eliminating "letters", we eliminated reoccurring characters within the kanji, and then arranged them as desired.    

A symbind is any talisman created by manipulating symbols, characters, or letters. A Glotseal is a combination of both symbind and mantra.

The Domicura Wisgethn is our formal symbind & glotseal. You may create one yourself, or if you prefer, you may purchase one from shoppe.